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you disappeared again, 8:08, writer|director

black & blonde 'explode' official music video, director

the air up here, 6:00, writer|director

tonsure, 4:25, director

and your laughter, too!, 2:22, writer|director

a stranger let me in, 3:50, director

tell me you love me, 3:18, writer|director

it was sometimes like this, 12:07, writer|director

thine own shall reach the shore, 16:21, writer|director

amish women confess, 3:53, writer|producer

something great, 2:10, writer|director

life last year, 11:50, writer|lead actor

girls' sleepover gets weird, 3:53, writer|producer

sonny, documentary, trailer, writer|director

for sam, 4:31, writer|director

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